Sunday, March 31, 2013

Updates from our week

Work is super busy right now and Erik is super busy after work twice a week but we had a good week. I drove out to Pleasanton THREE times this week. The only good thing about this drive is I think I make almost $30 doing it thanks to expensing my mileage! Pleasanton has a small town vibe but is hope to some big companies. Check out their downtown - so quaint. 

Erik had hockey this week and he is taking a fun guitar class at a local music spot/coffee house, 

He is having a lot of fun with it and it's literally a 10 minute walk from our house so that is nice!

One day this week, Evie and I took Erik to our new favorite park - Cesar Chavez Park. It was a beautiful night out and so clear. We could see the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, San Rafael Bridge, and SF from the park. If you come to visit, we WILL take you there because it's awesome!

Here's a random shot of the week. Evie likes to come into the bathroom while I'm getting ready. She just stands there next to me. I took an extra bath rug that we had and put it down next to me for her to lay on. Oh Evie!

I also put together this piece from IKEA. I love it. I feel like we have a real living room (almost) and things are starting to come together. 

We had these baskets already and they fit perfectly which is awesome!

I also organized more of "my" room. I really only have my scrapbook supplies, a little desk, and a book case in here. Erik's room has his surfing, beer beer making, and computer supplies. 

Here's Evie lounging in the sun

We were both OFF on Friday so that was an awesome way to end the week!

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