Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday

1. I am sooooo busy at work right now, but I am grateful for that. Sometimes when you are so busy at work, you have to just stop and say how thankful you are to be in that position since many people are looking for work. As Billie Jean King says, "Pressure is a Privilege."

2. We're also grateful for this amazing weather we are having. 
70's in March - yes please!

3.  Evie has ONE last doctors appointment at the end of the month. She has been running around and loving our new space. I know she is going to get a 100% healed at her next appointment. 

4. Erik has become quite the handyman around the house. He put up some blinds for us, fixes things, installs things...it's great!

5. Trader Joe's. We live two blocks from TJ's and it's great. I realize though that this store is the "fun snack store". I realized I love dried mango pieces and only because I impulsively picked them up there one day. 

Now their turkey jerky leaves a lot to be desired but those mango slices are deeeelish!

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