Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Berkeley Saturday

 On Saturday morning, we walked over to Downtown Berkeley to have breakfast at The Sunny Side Cafe.
 It was a cute little place right next to UC Berkeley. We walked in to order and then chose a seat. 
 Erik had this crazy breakfast which was basically a french toast sandwich. There were two pieces of french toast, mushrooms, tomato, eggs, hollandaise, and a balsamic syrup. 
 I had this amazing avocado and swiss scramble with home fries and wheat toast. So good!

While we were sitting at breakfast, we also bought tickets to our first concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley to see Postal Service. I'm not a concert lover but I really want to see a show at this theatre and Erik loves this band. 

After breakfast, we went to this awesome Farmer's Market. This Market was pretty big and had a LOT of different vendors - everything from your expected vegetables, to performers singing, to a massage tent. 

"Hey Honey, I'm just going to go down to the Market to get a massage, be back soon!" haha

Vegetables to plant in your garden

 Fresh Fish
Lots of Squash

Here is a glimpse of our walk back to the house. Tree lined streets and sunny skies!

We came home to this happy girl. We went out into our little patio/garden area and just hung out in sun. Such a big change to have an outdoor area we can actually hang out in!

 Erik was moving some of his plants around and figuring out what to plant/where...

 We could hear birds chirping and bees buzzing....This is Evie looking at a bee that she could hear but couldn't see...
Evie and Mama

Great start to our Saturday!

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