Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our New Commute

Our commute to work has changed for both of us....big time! For 5.5 years, Erik has biked to work. He hops on his bike and is at work in 20 minutes. No bus, no Bart....so easy!

For me, I spent 3 years taking one bus to downtown SF for work. Then, a year taking one or two buses up to work. Then, just recently taking one bus, AND Bart to work or driving to Oakland.

Now, Erik has to take Bart into SF. He is currently taking Bart and skateboarding to the office. Bart doesn't allow bikes on the train but they are testing it out to allow this in the future. In a few weeks, they will have one full week where bikes are allowed which will be awesome.

I stopped driving to work and take Bart again and it is only a TEN MINUTE RIDE. Wowwwww!

We can walk to Bart from our house (10 min walk) and then take Bart. It is so convenient and I love not taking the bus AND Bart to work. It's also so nice to walk home from Bart because it is not foggy and windy, like it typically is in SF around that after work hour.

So, we get to commute in the morning together which I just LOVE! One thing Erik hasn't tried yet is surfing in the AM and going to work from the beach....I'll have to report on that once it happens :-)

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