Friday, March 1, 2013

The Official "what we will miss in SF" list

Before we moved, I made a "Things we will miss list" in my head so I thought it would be fun to list out what we will miss and then check back in to see if we really miss those things!

Things We Will Miss in SF

1. Imma go on a limb here and go with.....Falletti's. We have spent so much dang money and time over there. They have been there for us in a pinch when we forgot an ingredient at the store or when we were hungry at 8:59. Although so overpriced, they have amazing food and quality staff.

2. Our quirky neighbors who we are bound to see doing their quirky things. There is Boy Fred, Mildew Man, Chihuaha Man, Ravioli Man, Rory Gilmore, etc....Everyone gets their name for some little thing.

3. The Pets in the area. Our dear friend Wasabii moved away a few years ago now but we still see Lola, Texas & Ollie (the Frenchies), and that poor little Frenchie with one eye who has to wear a sneaker on one foot.

4. The craziness of the city & living on the route of 1)Critical Mass - huge bike ride that happens every month and takes up the whole street and 2)Bay to Breakers - we live ON the route.

5. Living on a CRAZY corner. I've seen so many funny things but I think the time the guy got in a car accident, hit our building, then a tree, then a parked car was my favorite. No one was injured and it was hilarious.

6. The amazing restaurants. Ummm yeah, I think SF is where I realized my favorite hobby is EATING. Love to try new spots. But....Berkeley does have a LOT of food. Domo for Sushi, Java Beach for that awesome mexican salad, Park Tavern for everything.

7. Walking to a LOT of places quickly - burritos, beers, groceries, coffee, the bank, a doggie boutique, a wine bar, a famous park....

8. Alamo Square - The view of the Painted Ladies with downtown SF behind it at sunset is something where you stop and think, I live here!?

9. Buena Vista Park - The hidden gem of SF. This park is amazing. Walk the path and you will swirl walk up to the top where you can see GG Bridge and countless streets. There are so many paths and sandpits to stop and play in....

10. Land's End - Our favorite hike. Along the Pacific, the views are incredible with a little bit of history thrown in with the Sutro Baths

11.Living so close to our friends where we can make quick decisions to get together and hop in a cab, walk, drive to see them in minutes

12. Erik will say living so close to the beach!

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