Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cesar Chavez Park

Today, Evie and I drove over to the Berkeley Marina to this AWESOME park - Cesar Chavez Park.

 It is a gorgeous park surrounded by water on three sides and it's amazzzzzing! We basically had the park to ourselves at 6pm! We were out until almost 7:30!!
 Evie was frolicking with a capital F. There was so much grass to sniff, run through, and eat!

 So pretty out. The sky had different layers of clouds and it was cool and breezy out. 

 Guess we have these cute little owls in Berkeley. 

We had so much fun - can't wait to go back here. Evie loved it!! I love being able to take her to new places to run after being home all day with without us. She was so happy!

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