Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zuni Cafe

After Point Isabel, I drove to SF to meet Betsy for dinner. We went to Zuni Cafe on Market St. It worked out well because the boys were golfing in SF so I headed to dinner to then be able to pick up Erik after golf.
We tried to make a reservation but one wasn't available until 9:45 so we chanced it by just showing up around 6:30 to see if we could get in. We got in right away! It was awesome. We had a great dinner where we shared a chicory salad with mustard croutons, a fettucini with snap peas and a lemony sauce, and then THE famous Zuni chicken:

Chicken for two roasted in the brick oven; warm bread salad with scallions, garlic, dandelion greens, 
 dried currants, and pine nuts

We skipped dessert because we were full but we both really liked our meal! We saw someone semi-famous on our way out too....

Greggy Bennett from the Real Houswives of New Jersey!

Turns out he moved to San Fran...and I only know that because I looked him up on Twitter, tweeted him that we saw him, AND he tweeted me back. haha.

Soooo turns out Erik was so tired after golfing & a few beers that he ended up taking BART home negating my plan of driving him home. BUT, I was able to see a good friend and have an awesome meal which was great so it all worked out well.

I got home on Saturday night to Erik and Evie asleep on the couch so I think everyone had a great day! :-)

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