Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nice Little Saturday

This was so us on Saturday. We had a long list of things to do but we got through it.

First, we went to...Home Depot. Are you so tired of hearing me say that? I am so tired of going there! We went for gardening supplies, plants, and a toolbox. Mission accomplished.

Next, we went to Target and left with a microwave and a full length mirror. Our microwave stopped spinning so we had to get a new one but we found a good deal. I thought the mirror was only $14 but when we got to the register it was $30. The cashier played "let's make a deal" with me and offered it to me for $25 so we got it. Had no idea Target cashiers could give you that type of deal!

After Target, we went to the Emeryville Shops and had lunch at Rubio's. A burrito and salsa bar really does revive you.

We quickly ran into Barnes and Noble (yes, a real bookstore - I didn't know those still existed) and Banana Republic.

Finally, we stopped at the Nursery one last time and headed home. Whew. When we got home, Erik got to work gardening. He has a vision to build up this corner area with stone and plant the vegetables in there.

 In this area, we will plant flowers...

She is not just smelling the dirt, she is EATING it. 

 We planted a lavendar plant, some flowers, and some vegetables. 
 We will have cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries!

 Erik and Evie working together. I really just watched and Erik did all the work. ha!

After gardening, we made some pizza, had some wine, and watched Lincoln. Lincoln was pretty good!

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