Friday, March 1, 2013

Official "Things We Won't Miss in SF" List

OK and on the flip side, here are things we will NOT miss. 

Things We Won't Miss in SF

1. Living on the busiest street EVER. Constant noise and trucks driving past.

2. Constant sirens of cops, fire, ambulance.

3. Homeless people sitting outside our house. Sometimes under our window, smoking, allowing that smoke RIGHT in our window

4. Evie reacting to EVERY little sound she hears by jumping on the couch and barking

5. Our crazy neighbors who make us nuts like our upstairs neighbor who vacuums constantly & lets her dog roam the back porch, the guy across the street who wears those little bike hats EVERYWHERE, the lady with the crazy dog who can spot Evie from a block away and start snarling at her....

6. Falletti's - Love/Hate Relationship. So expensive but so good. The tempation to go instantly buy won't be there anymore in the new place.

7. Bay to Breakers - Was so cool and new when we moved in. Was so over it by Year 3. Having to get up mad early to get Evie out & not being able to take her out again until 1pm when the nutties left.

8. Finding Parking

9. Getting to the bank before they close to get quarters for the laundry

10.Cold, foggy, summers.

11. Living in a small place. We are on top of each other sometimes and can never have people over.

12. Not having a kitchen table. So tired of eating at the counter or on the couch.

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