Friday, March 8, 2013

How It's Going

Well, two weeks into our new place and things are going great! Here's an update on how things are going in Berkeley!
Berkeley, CA

Before we moved, I was nervous about Evie behaving in the new house. As I mentioned, she has been doing awesome. One reason I was nervous was that the previous tenant told me that they didn't get along with the upstairs neighbors very well because every time their dog heard the kids run around upstairs, he barked. Well of course, a dog barking all day isn't going to work well for anyone.

Knowing there are kids up there also made me nervous because I didn't want Evie barking at them if they walked by or something.

Evie met the upstairs neighbor Mom one day. Erik was home and had the front door open but the baby gate up. The woman knocked on our fence to come talk to Erik (NOT about Evie barking or anything) and Evie ran up to the baby gate and barked. Erik told her to go lay down....and she DID!! The woman didn't even care that Evie barked at her! She even said that the kids are very active and we will hear them so she apologized in advance for the noise! Unbelievable.

There are  kids upstairs that are running around all of the time but it's not a big deal. We are used to living under someone and Evie doesn't react to them walking or running upstairs. The kids are young - I want to say 3 and 5 - and have  crying meltdowns that we can hear. I'm sure the parents feel worse about that than we do about Evie barking occassionally!

We LOVE our area. We can walk to tons of bars and restaurants and our pick of grocery stores. We can easily get to the highway, to work, to Bart, etc...Everyone is very friendly here. People say hi and Good Morning to us out on our walks! Everyone is all about Peace & Love here. We see so many stickers on cars that say things like, "Peace, not War" and whatnot.

We haven't experienced any fog yet. It's been chilly here at night but we're having sunny in the 50's-60's here. Last weekend, it was in the 70's and we were outside without coats on!

Cal Country
We are official in Bear territory - as in Univ of California, Berkeley Bears territory. We are right near the university so we see a ton of students, faculty, fans, etc. Everyone is in blue & yellow in this neck of the woods. Next week, we're going to try to go to a Women's Gymnastics meet!

So in just two weeks we can say that so far, we love it. We love the quietness, the better weather, and overall feel more calm out here. We are excited to explore new places and space over here over the coming weeks!

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