Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Erik!

Sunday was another great day for us. It was Erik's birthday!!

On his birthday, he did one thing he truly loves....went surfing.

After surfing, we went into San Francisco to celebrate our friend Betsy's birthday! They are two years and one day apart. Her Mom was in town and made this amazing dinner of Filipino food. Deeeelish. I would write out what we had but I don't know the official names for everything. We had this amazing chicken, rice, vegetables, and noodle dish. We had chicken adobo and white rice. We also had these delicious veggie spring rolls. Oh my god. Ate so much and was so good.

When we got back to Berkeley, we closed out Erik's birthday weekend with an old favorite.
Photo: Closing out the birtday weekend with an old favorite
We grew up on Carvel ice cream cake. Every birthday party in elementary school had one of these. I remember eating the "top" and leaving the chocolate bottom. haha.

Thankfully, our local Safeway sells these cakes and we scooped one up for Erik's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Erik!!!

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