Monday, March 25, 2013

Patrick Piglet

Today after work, Evie and I went for our walk and just walked until we found something cool. I absolutely love just walking out of the house and saying, "Let's see what we see!" We walked down Allston Way and found a cool park complete with tennis, basketball courts, and a playground. The coolest thing we found was this stream that Evie could run in and it had a bridge over it. We came home and looked it up and it is called Strawberry Creek Park. Here's a photo from Yelp - 
Strawberry Creek Park

When we crossed over the bridge, we met a woman who was out with her four dogs. Three were pretty old and just chillin but this white Boxer came right up to Evie. She LOVED him. He was only 1 1/2 years old and so cute. He was white and deaf! They ran and ran and played. The best part was the owner told me his name....Patrick Piglet. Her rationale? "When I adopted him, his name was Piglet and I added the Patrick to make him sound more dignified." hahaha. So funny. 

Hopefully we'll see them again because Evie had a blast!

Another thing we did when we got home was help Erik put up his surf rack. We nailed it to the wall and placed the boards in the rack. 

Looks great & his room is more organized now!!

Well my Tuesday will start early by being IN the car at 7am to get to an 8am meeting. I will feel like this tomorrow morning, for sure!

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