Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunset at Cesar Chavez Park

After our great find of Cesar Chavez Park, we decided to go back there later in the week. We were there for sunset which was so nice! This park is so awesome - so much room so nobody & no dogs are in each others way, beautiful scenery, and lots of land. 

 Rolly Pig in the grass

 Just lounging. Evie dive bombs the grass and then rolls around in it. It's so funny. She kind of hangs her head low, opens her mouth where she is seemingly taking in all the smells of the grass and dirt, then hits the ground with her head and rolls onto her shoulder. Too funny!

Evie really wanted to go in the water but it's not possible. There are huge rocks lining the side of the park and you cannot get into the water. I don't know if they are there to protect the shoreline or what, but you can't get into the water. Evie is dying to get in there though. Doesn't it look like she is gazing at the sunset here?

You can see BOTH bridges from this park - Here's the Golden Gate crossing over SF to Marin. 

Here's San Francisco from Berkeley. That defining triangular building is the Transamerica Building. I used to walk past that every day at my last job. 

Found a Hobbit Hole....

 Until next time CC Park!

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