Sunday, March 10, 2013

Erik's Birthday Celebration Stop #1

On Saturday morning, I dropped Evie off at her camp for an overnight visit so we could spend the day celebrating Erik's birthday! I'm happy to say that it took the same amount of time to get her to camp in South SF, as it did when we lived in SF. When you add in the traffic leaving & returning to the city it cancels our our new drive over the Bay Bridge. 
It was SO nice out yesterday. High 60's-low 70's out. We spent some time cleaning and working out. I was actually hot when I went for a run. 

Full on sandal weather. yay!

Our first stop was Oak Barrel home brew shop. This is THE place to go in the East Bay. 

 They have everything you need to make your own beer & wine. 

After Oak Barrel, we started our voyage to Sonoma County to go to Healdsburg. We decided to make our own brewery tour for Erik's birthday! 

 Our first stop was Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg. We've been here before and it's a great spot. We sat outside in the warm sun and it was perfect! 
 I had the Double Aught, which was great. Pretty light and tasted in between a Coors Light and Blue Moon. Erik had a sour Ale that tasted like liquid Tootsie Rolls and then had an IPA. 

Great first stop. We always say we want to come back up to Healdsburg when we visit. It has such a cute downtown packed with wineries and shops. 

Onto Stop #2 and #3....

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